How to play

Racing Super Series

Play for a minimum £25,000 guaranteed jackpot with Coral's Racing Super Series.

Coral will guarantee a minimum £25,000 to the Racing Super Series prize pool. An additional £1 will be added for every entry over 25,000, meaning the final prize pool could be substantially higher. The bigger the entries, the bigger the jackpot!

How to Play

Simply select a horse to finish in the designated places for each of the featured races. If all your selections manage to place, you will win a share of the final prize pool. Place terms for each race will vary depending on the number of runners, with extra places available across select races.

Use the form and stats provided to help you choose your selections. Remember, you are not looking for the winner of each race, you simply need your selections to place. Selecting favourites will mathematically increase your chances of winning, but it will also increase the number of potential winners, resulting in a smaller dividend. The shrewd amongst you will look to the outsiders for value and potential bigger dividends.

The prize pool will then be divided amongst all players who correctly predicted their horses to place in each race.

e.g. In a £25,000 pool, if 100 players correctly predicted their horses to place, they will each get £250.

e.g. In a £40,000 pool, if two players correctly predicted their horses to place, they will each get £20,000!