Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. The promotion will launch at 12.00 (UK time) on Thursday 25th February 2021 and will run on selected days until further notice (the “Promotional Period”).

2. By taking part in this promotion, you hereby agree to these Specific Promotional Terms and Conditions and to our General Terms and Conditions at https://help.coral.co.uk/en/general-information/legal-matters/terms-and-conditions

Racing Super Series

3. In order to participate, players must:
    a. be over 18 years old;
    b. be located in the UK or ROI;
    c. be a new or existing customer of Coral;
(an “Eligible Player”)

4. This promotion is not available to customers who open new accounts depositing funds with PayPal, Moneybookers or Paysafe.


5. On selected days during the Promotional Period, the Racing Super Series game will be made available at https://racingsuperseries.coral.co.uk, and will display a selection of horse races (the “Selected Races”) for that particular game (a “Game”).

6. To take part in a Game, an Eligible Player must choose a horse to place in each of the Selected Races and submit the form (the “Selections”).

7. If all the Eligible Player’s selected horses place, they will be entitled to a share of that Game’s prize-pool.

Terms for Participation:

8. Selections must be entered at the time the Game is available to play, and before the official start time of the first Selected Race. Any entries after the official start time of the first Selected Race will not be eligible.

9. Maximum of 1 entry per Eligible Player per Game.

10. Place terms (the number of places offered) are subject to change in accordance with our racing rules. Place terms will be dictated by the final number of runners in any given race.

11. If any selected horse subsequently becomes a non-runner, an Eligible Player’s Selection for that specific leg will automatically revert to the Starting Price (“SP”) favourite. In the event of joint or co-favourites, the horse with the lowest race-card number will be deemed to be the Eligible Player’s Selection.

12. Place settlement for the Selected Races will be determined by the official result declared at the ‘weigh-in’ for each race on the day. Any subsequent result amendment after the day of the race will not be considered. Please refer to our Horse Racing rules for full details.


13. The Total Prize-pool shall be £25,000.

14. To win a share of the prize-pool of a Game, an Eligible Player’s Selections must place in each one of the Selected Races.

15. The prize-pool of a Game will be split equally between all winning entries of the Game.

16. If there are no winning entries, no prizes will be awarded for that Game. There will be no “rollovers” of the prize-pool into subsequent Games.

17. If any of the Selected Races are abandoned, or declared ‘void’ for whatever reason, no prizes will be awarded for that Game.

Cash Prize Terms and Conditions

18. Cash prizes will be credited to a winning Eligible Player’s account within 5 days of the end of the Game.

19. Eligible Player’s will be notified that they have won a cash prize by a pop-up when they log in to their account.

20. Cash prizes may be withdrawn from an Eligible Player’s account once credited, however, the account must be fully verified first in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions.

Important Terms

21. We may place restrictions on your account, including deposit restrictions, in order to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations. We will not be responsible should these restrictions affect your ability to complete the requirements of this promotion and/or to release any bonus, benefits or prizes.

22. This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer.

23. Where the promoter suspects that a winning player is guilty of fraudulent activity, the promoter reserves the right to suspend or remove that player from the offer, and/or suspend that player’s account and/or suspend the promotion pending further investigation.

24. We reserve the right to alter, discontinue or terminate the Racing Super Series in accordance with the terms of our Standard Promotional Terms and Conditions: https://help.coral.co.uk/en/general-information/legal-matters/promotional-terms

25. Promoter: LC International Limited (Suite 6, Atlantic Suites, Gibraltar).